3 Top Questions that the Best Web Designers Ask

Before color schemes and layouts the best web designers will ask you three essential questions:.

1.         What concrete goals will your website help you achieve? What will it accomplish? How will you measure this?

Before colors, photographs, or fonts are discussed it is vital that your website designer know what problems you wish to solve.  At its most basic, design is problem solving.  With your goals in mind, your web designer will structure your site to help you meet those goals with the underlying code and visual elements.

What you want to achieve is unique to your situation, but possible goals may be to:

  • Reduce phone calls about hours and locations of your business
  • Increase attendance at events
  • Increase sales in store.
  • Increase donations.
  • Encourage people to call for an appointment.
  • Buy your product online. 

After you have listed your goals, write down how you will measure success in achieving them.  For example, if you are now getting 100 calls a day asking about hours and locations of your business, success may be 75% fewer phone calls of this kind a day.

Be realistic about your goals. It may not be possible to increase attendance to an event by 100% by next month, but an increase attendance by 10% to 15% in three months may be within range.

Lastly, after launching your website, keep track of your goals.

2.         Who will visit your website, and why will they need your website? Who is your target audience?

Web designers are interested in who your target audience is and how they can design the website to make it easy for your target audience to find their way around and get what they need from your website.  To do this they will want to know why your visitors will need your web site. (Think about what visitors are coming for—and not just what you want them to take away.)

When you think of your target audience what is their age, gender, educational level, job, computer experience, and what type of computer systems are they likely to use.  Do they use mobile devices?  Are they still on dial-up?

3.         What is your organization about and who are your competitors?

By learning about your organization and its competitors, a web designer will be able to accentuate what you do best and, even more important, what you do better than your competitors.  By studying your competitors’ websites your web designer will be able to help you distinguish yourself from the competition and even make them envy you. 

Providing your web designer with an in-depth description of what your organization does, it’s passions, what it does best, and also providing at least five URL’s of competitor’s websites will help your website to stand out and distinguish itself.


What it comes down to knowing:

Your Goals

Your target audience

Your Identity

Our business website team will ask you these three questions and will listen and build your website based on your goals, identity and target audience, and will be sure to bring you a greater return on your investment in a new or redesigned website.