How to Annoy Your Website Visitors

The Content Photobomb

If you really want to annoy and irritate your website visitors make sure that you block the content they were enjoying by pop-up newsletter sign ups and other marketing ploys.  Make it hard to find the X to click them off.  

But be careful, since January 2017, Google has begun to penalize mobile websites that hide content behind popups (read more on the Google Webmaster website) but it is still totally okay to do this on Laptops and PC's. 

You can make sure you are annoying your visitors by tracking your visitors' reactions on Google Analytics, a high bounce rate and low return visitors means that you have been successful at irritating your victims, ahem, visitors.

As an example of Cute versus Annoying, one of the sweetest things in TV commercials have been llamas that appear behind the action of the advertisement.  To be annoying do the opposite:

selfie with llama.jpg

Selfie with Llama--Cute

llamas in wedding.jpg

Llamas at Wedding--Cute

man with llama.jpg

Man with Llama--Cute

llama photobombing other llama.jpg

Llama Photobomb--Annoying

Simply annoying