Help! Do I Need a New Website Design

computer cat 2_New.jpg

Take our high tech quiz and see if you need a new website design




Do you now sell macarons and not muffin tops?

If your website no longer matches the focus of your business give yourself a +1.


Are your pictures the size of a postage stamp?

If your web design looks dated and like you paid your brother-in-law $100 for the website, give yourself +1

Different sized screens.jpg

Your website looks good on Microsoft XP, but not on cellphones, laptops, pads or large screens

If you do not have a responsive design give yourself a +1

messy desk.jpg

Is the busiest and least tech savvy person responsible to update and maintain your complicated website?

If you have a complicated, hard to update website and you or your employees are not tech savvy give yourself a +1

llama popping head up.jpg

Popups happen at irritating times and photobomb your content and are not as cute as this llama.

If people are fleeing from your website because of irritating popups give yourself a +1


If you scored:

0  You may not need a new website design, please check with us to be sure.

1  You definitely need a new website design

2-3 You desperately need a new website design

4-5 You definitely desperately need a new website design


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