Helpful Hints for Content Creation

One of the most challenging things for anyone creating or redesigning their website is getting great content on their pages.  The secret is to begin early.  Many times, we underestimate how much time it will really take to write up even a few pages, and find that our website is not going to launch on time because of lack of content.

Even if you do start early, creating content is sometimes a daunting task.  Follow these six helpful hints to make creating content for your website much easier.

  1. Organize/Collect/Repurpose: Before you start creating content from scratch, look at the website you have and any printed materials to see if it can be repurposed. Dig deep into your files and desk drawers for past brochures, reports, events and descriptions. After rounding up all the information, organize it so that is corresponds to a page on your website. Repurpose this material so you have something to start with and build on.

  2. Create a list of talking points for each page (bullet points). This will help yo organize yourself and make sure you do not miss some vital information.

  3. List a call to action for each page. This is what you want people to do on the page. For example, click a link, buy a product, sign up for an event. Have this in mind as you are writing.

  4. From the bullet points and the call to action you can now create the text for the page. This should be about 400 words. If the page is too short, Google will not regard it or index it as a page.

  5. When creating content, think of your audience. People scan websites, so be sure to create short paragraphs, use headings and bullet points to divide up information. Make sure that anyone who just scans headings and bullet points and lists would understand what your page is about.

  6. Assign someone to Edit/Proofread. It’s a good idea to get a second pair of eyes to edit/proofread what you have written. One of the things that lends credibility to your website is excellent spelling and grammar.