Virtual Team Member

From the beginning of the design process to launch, we consider ourselves a member of your business/organization's team.  We are your Virtual Team Member.  After the launch of your website you or your staff will be able to update and maintain your website if you so desire. However, maintaining and keeping up your own website may not be possible time wise and may require special skills that you or your staff may not have. 

We are strong believers in everyone using their strengths. Your strength is running your business or nonprofit.  As they say, "You do you!"  This is where Pacific Rim comes in as your Virtual Team Member.  As your Virtual Team Member we provide website maintenance.  We are also able to provide graphics, find stock photography and video that fits your website, and  perform photo editing to make your pictures the best they can be.   What is more we are adept at Social Media and are equipped to create custom newsletters templates and help with email marketing.

Client Care Packages

As every business is different our care packages are also tailored to what you need. Please contact us to talk about what will be right for you! 


Call:  206-282-2952