Our Team



Denise crawford

With training in web design from Bellevue College and a Master's Degree in Spanish Literature, Denise blends the elegance of classical principles of art and design with up-to-the-minute high-tech savvy. She has also done extensive study in basic search engine optimization, social media and online marketing--at Pacific Rim Web Design se habla Español and search engine!


Robin Jones

Robin studied Theatre Design at University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Graphic Arts and Animation at Seattle Art Institute. Robin’s passion is movement in words, pictures and design. He brings this to his graphic design and writing for Pacific Rim Web Design.

A Word About Web Design

Beauty is Credibility

The look of your website, whether it supports your goals and is visually pleasing to your visitors is part of your credibility. Various studies have been done on the relationship between visual appeal and credibility, and it has been found that the more aesthetically pleasing the more credible your website seems to a visitor.   Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility supports this in their 10 guidelines for building web credibility, stating, "We find that people quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone. When designing your site, pay attention to layout, typography, images, consistency issues, and more."  Unfortunately just as in life the more attractive the person, the more they are credited with being smart. Here's the good news--you can significantly increase your website's credibility by intentionally making it visually appealing. It is great to attract website visitors to your website by search engines, but it is even better to keep them there. Many times websites are overlooked because they do not capture the eye or imagination of the visitor.

Usability is Beautiful

Another way to keep your visitors on your website is to be user friendly. This means that users are able to easily find the information they need on your website. A website needs to be user-centric, showcasing the information that your visitor wants.and making it easy to be found, and as much as is possible be available to them on all sizes of devices from PC to cellphone.

Beauty with Brawn is Powerful

At Pacific Rim Web Design we believe that beauty and design are important elements in web design along with keeping up with the latest technology, optimizing websites to be found by search engines and making them easy to use. We combine beauty and brawn in our web design to extend the reach of your company or organization.

Please take a look at our portfolio for recent examples of our web design here in the Greater Seattle - Pacific Northwest area. There are also articles in our blog that may be a resource to you focusing on web design principles and getting found on line.