At Pacific Rim Web Design we believe that beauty and design are important elements in web design along with keeping up with the latest technology, optimizing websites to be found by search engines and making them easy to use. We combine beauty and brawn in our web design to extend the reach of your company or organization. Please take a look.


June Home Page.JPG

June hair styling salon in ballard

needed an update of their website. The basics were all there, wonderful pictures and the basic color scheme, but help was needed with putting it all together in a cogent design that would make June stand out among the other hair salons in Seattle, give a feel of what the salon was about and also highlight that appointments could be made online. June needed to rank better in search engine result pages (SERP), especially in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and in searches for salons that cater to curly hair.

Visually, for salon website design what should stand out are the images of actual customers. Stock photos do not cut it. People want to see actual photos of hair that was styled. Fortunately JUNE has plenty of great photos of all different kinds of people and hair. Where Pacific Rim Web Design came in was to create an attractive design to show case JUNE’s images interspersed with quotes from the owner and testimonials that really help give potential customers an idea of what their experience at JUNE would be. An easy to use image gallery was also created to give even more information about the depth of experience JUNE has.

Search engine optimization of the website helped JUNE go up in rankings for Deva Curl Ballard to the first page and on the second page for Hair Stylist Ballard. This has been after only six weeks.

Platform: Square Space


  • Responsive Design

  • Harmonious Web Design

  • Emphasis on Online Appointments

  • Easy to Update Image Gallery

  • Search Engine Optimization Resulting Better Ranking

  • HTTPS/Secure


St. Clements Episcopal Church Seattle

St clements home page.JPG

St. Clements episcopal Church in seattle

wanted a sleek and modern looking website that would be able to combine their traditional Anglo-Catholic worship with an up-to-date design. They also wanted the home page to contain the most important information and provide links for more information. Another concern was that a volunteer would be keeping content updated on the website and they did not want that person to be overburden with this task.

The website was designed with Square Space because all security updates are handled automatically with Square Space. Another plus was that no plugins are required. Events, Blogs, and Calendar, Galleries, Sliders and even E-commerce and Donation Buttons are integrated into Square Space. There will be no plugins that will become outdated and cause trouble for St. Clements. This will make the website volunteer’s job a lot easier.

Platform: Square Space


  • Responsive Design

  • Events Page/Calendar

  • Easy Sermon Page

  • Integrated Events, Blogs, Calendar, Galleries, Sliders, Banners, Popups

  • HTTPS/Secure


The College for Congregational Development

CD College 2016.PNG

The college for congregational development

needed a website that would be able to share information about the College, and register people to attend weekend and summer classes.  They needed a professional looking but friendly and modern website to set themselves apart from other programs.  They wanted to be able to easily add testimonials, videos and blog posts to get the word out about their distinct program.  They are a Western Washington program but do rank on Googles first page nationally for "congregational development," and now have grown to have affiliated programs throughout the United States.  

The College is also on our Client Care Package plan which includes unlimited help desk, graphics, photo editing, blog posting and editing.

Platform: WordPress


  • Responsive Design

  • Class Registration Form

  • Easy Blogging Platform

  • Great SEO/Page Ranking

  • Client Care Package



The English Teacup Shop


The English TEacup Shop

was looking for a safe and secure website to sell their vintage teacups and other tea related articles. Also important was easy integrated shipping.

The English Teacup Shop website is easy to manage.  The website is linked to Shipstation.com for easy calculated shipping via USPS.  The website also has a secure shopping cart linked to Stripe and is also linked to MailChimp for newsletter and email blasts.  The website also offers gift certificates and discount codes, along with pop-up newsletter signups and an optional banner. 

Platform:  Squarespace


  • Responsive Design

  • Secure Shopping Cart

  • Integrated Shipping

  • Newsletter

  • Gift Certificates

  • Discount Codes

  • Pop-up Newsletter Signup

  • Banner


Shore Duty

shore duty homepage.PNG

SHORE DUTY's Author needed

a website to advertise and promote his book Shore Duty.  Shore duty offers an easy way for this author to share samples of his work and direct visitors to Amazon.com to buy the book.  The website has an easy to use blog that helps this spread the word.

Platform:  WordPress


  • Responsive Design

  • Easy Blogging Platform

  • Linked to Amazon.com

  • Easy Access to Sample of Book





is a small medical transcription company who wanted promote themselves in the Seattle area to the niche market of independent medical examinations, small clinics and private doctors.  MediscribesPRN has been able to attract clients through its website.  MediscribesPRN is on the first page of the Google search "Medical Transcription Seattle."

Platform: Bootstrap 4


  • Responsive Design

  • Niche Marketing

  • SEO


St. John's Episcopal Church Snohomish

St. Johns Homepage.png

st. john's episcopal church in snohomish

needed an easy to use website that volunteers would be able to use.  They also wanted a website that reflected their care for the environment and people in the community. They particularly wanted to emphasize their traditional looking church and were very proud of the church's architecture, grounds and environment and the fact that the church has been since it's beginnings in the late 1800s, a center of the community.  Throughout the website line drawings of the architecture, plants and garden and even the owl who lives in the bell tower together with photos of church members brings together St. John's love of the environment, people and their lasting center of community life.

Platform: WordPress


  • Responsive Design

  • Hand Drawn Illustrations/Graphics

  • Easy Blogging Platform

  • News and Events Page